Needbased Eating

Are you ready for a book that can radically change your way of looking at food, weight and health?

How can we make choices that keep us healthy both in body and soul?

Needbased Eating offers you a training program leading to physical and emotional balance. The focus is not to loose or gain weight, but to find ways to become friends with your body and your mind. A practical book that provides you with: three practical tools you can start using today.

In this book you will learn how to:

• Distinguish between emotional and physical hunger

• Listen to and communicate with your body

• Find ways to break the downward spiral of an out of control relationship with food

• Enjoy what you choose to eat and stop eating when you’ve had enough.

Liv Larsson has written 15 books. All with inspiration from Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Here she challenges our patterns around eating and weight.

Original title: Friheten på botten av chipspåsen
Published languages: swedish
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A Helping Hand

Mediation with Nonviolent Communication

Published in 8 language, this book has been a support for people all over the world in handling conflicts. The book gives one all the basic tools that are needed in a mediation situation, as well as inspiration, clarification and real life examples. It addresses everything from mediation between children to mediation in a global setting.

Original title: Skapa möten och kontakt genom medling
Published languages: English, Swedish, Polish, German, Finnish, French, Korean and Dutch.
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Anger shame and guilt

Reclaiming power and choice

This is my best book! I share my opinion with you since I have seen how ‘Anger, Shame and Guilt’ has changed peoples’ lives. By using the ‘Compass of Needs’, decision making becomes easier and your life more empowered. Many of us spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid anger, shame and guilt. With the help of the user friendly exercises in the book you can make these emotions your friends rather than your enemies.

Original title: Ilska, skuld, och skam - tre sidor av samma mynt
Published languages: Swedish, german and english
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Freedom without Distance, Belonging without Control

Do you long to see your intimate relationships blossom?

The most important of all the questions in this book might be the one about how you want your relationships to be. If your answer to that question is clear, it will be much easier to know how to act and what to request of the other person in the relationship.

Imagine that you are well prepared to go on an important mission in Paris. You have rented a Vespa, learnt some key phrases in French, you’re in time and you have a city map in your hand. But whatever you do everything seems to go wrong. However fast you drive, you still do not  arrive at your destination. But you have learnt that it is important to have a positive attitude so you smile, shake off your frustration and try to find it again. After a few hours, you discover that the map you have in your hand is a map of London … Not Paris.

The same is true in relationships. All tools in the world becomes redundant if you do not know what you want to use them for. Your positive attitude will make it easier to stand challenges, but will not take you to your goal.This booklet will help you inspect, repair, and tune the relationships that you want to see flower. With  dedicated passion, you can use the tools in this booklet to create clarity and make your relationships with others what you dream of.

Original title: Relationbesiktning, frihet utan distans, gemenskap utan kontroll
Published languages: Swedish, Polish and English
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I heard too many people say that they are not getting any happier learning about communication, NVC or conflict resolution. And I realized that most of them had forgotten to make sure to  strengthen their gratitude muscles!!!

Here is good news! You can create your own happiness gym and really get happier. 52 weeks of simple and powerful exercises to build your own happiness. With the approach of Nonviolent Communication you can deepen your sense of gratitude and learn how to spread this to others around you.

Original title: Tack! - Tacksamhet, uppskattning och lycka som livsstil
Published languages: Swedish, English and Polish
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Cracking the Communication Code

42 Key Differentiations in Nonviolent Communication

Co- authored with Katarina Hoffmann. Illustrated by Wilhelm Nilsson

42 Keys to find new ways to communicate.

“I finally got what NVC and connection is about  – when I saw the images! Thanks”. – Course participant

Every key has a short text, an example from life and a beautiful and often humorous illustration. A difficult subject becomes easy through comparing it with something else. The difference creates clarity .

Original title: 42 Nyckelskillnader - för djupare förståelse av Nonviolent Communication
Published languages: Swedish, german and english
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Caring for Connection

Be Professional – stay Human

If you want to have more fun at work – focus on relationships!

Mastering the art of Connection is one of the greatest advantages you can develop in business life. Finding a new customer will costs you six times more than keeping an old one. And having good relationships at work helps people enjoy their job more. In a simple way this book shows how the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can be used to

– prepare yourself for challenging situations
– make face to face meetings, as well as communication through the phone or email, enjoyable and efficient
– create trust
– really see people beyond roles and labels
– contribute to meeting people’s needs.

Original title: Bemötandeproffs - Konsten att bemöta andra med lyhördhet utan att offra dig själv
Published languages: Swedish
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Walk your talk

Leading workshops in Nonviolent Communication

– 30 years of leadership on 256 pages

– How FIRO group theory and NVC blend into a practical way of leading groups
– How to meet individuals and keep awareness of the maturation of the group
– Exercises, leadership tips, inner and outer preparation before leading a group, handling performance anxiety and much more.

Original title: Led som du lär - Kursledarskap med Nonviolent Communication
Published languages: Swedish
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Choosing A Path

366 daily excursions with Nonviolent Communication, by Katarina Hoffmann and Liv Larsson.

If you are longing for a change in or a deepening of your communication with family and friends, this beautiful book might be the answer. Liv and Katarina, both certified CNVC trainers, have been working for many years with these texts, to make them inspirational, moving, sometimes humorous and always memorable and worth considering. For every day of the year there is a quotation from Marshall B. Rosenberg’s writings, a one page text, and an invitation to think about something in connection with the text.

Original title: Vägval
Published languages: Swedish
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Small book about feelings

This book gives you a chance to really start communicating with your children about emotions,cooperation, communication, and how everyone can get their needs met. It is an excellent support to strengthen children’s social and emotional skills. The book is intended to be read, but also to be written and drawn in.

The book has been translated – but not published – into English and French.

Original title: Lilla Känsloboken
Published languages: Swedish and Estonian
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The story about the dragon who lost his fire

Readers have described this book as “warm, simple, deep, heart breaking and simply hopeful.” It is a fairytale for children as well as for adults. The story is followed by a chapter that could be used in a group of kids to talk about communication, the value of listening and empathy. In 2012 a Norwegian theatre group will make a play based on this book.

Co- authored with Neo Rung. Illustrated by Maria Tison
The book has been translated – but not published – into English, French and Norwegian

Original title: Sagan om draken som inte kunde spruta eld
Published languages: Swedish and norwegian
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